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We offer comprehensive line of tests such as Microscopy, Hematology, Blood Chemistry, Bacteriology, Serology and Specilized Tests like Drug Testing.


Family Medicine, Teleconsult, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Opthalmology, OB-GYNE, ENT/HNS, and Surgery


Influenza and Pneumonia


Annual Physical Exam, ECG, DrugTest, Laboratory and X-ray Procedures

Covid-19 Tests

RT - PCR Swab, RT - PCR Saliva, Rapid Antibody, Rapid Antigen Swab, Rapid Antigen Saliva, Neutralizing and Quantitative Antibody

Summer Tuli Promo

Tulì is a Filipino rite of male circumcision. It has a long historical tradition and is considered an obligatory rite of passage for males.

Kidney Package

Kidneys' play several vital roles in maintaining your health. One of their most important roles is to filter waste materials from the blood.

Heart Package

We Care, Heart Care!

Know You're Heart's Health Now!


The clinic's

We are here to provide precise and top quality healthcare for patients through advanced technology and exemplary services at affordable prices.


To provide the highest quality out patient medical and diagnostic services in an manner that is professional, personal and cost-efficient.


To develop and sustain an environment of superior medical and diagnostic care that goes beyond the industry standard and be known as the industry leader in providing high quality , personalized yet affordable healthcare and wellness services.

Meet Our Doctors!


Dr. Jonathan N. Montagot

Family Medicine

Monday - Friday, 7am-4pm

Dr. Erwin P. Fabros

Family Medicine

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 1-5pm


Dr. Roxanne S. Lucas


Monday and Wednesday, 8am-5pm

Thursday, 1-5pm

(Strictly By Appointment)


Dr. Zarina S. Valcos


Wednesday, 8am-12pm

Friday, 8-10am

(Strictly By Appointment)


Dr. Mark Anthony Cepeda


Monday - Friday, 1-3pm

(Strictly By Appointment)


Dr. Ann Bernadette G. Sunga

ENT/Head & Neck Surgery

Tuesday, 1-3pm

Wednesday, 8-10am

(Strictly By Appointment)


Dr. Shiela Marie So Seng Montagot


Tuesday and Thursday, 8-11am

(Strictly By Appointment)


Dr. Jeff Anderson L. Bodino

Internal Medicine

Monday, 9am-12pm

Wednesday, 1-4pm

(Strictly By Appointment)


Dr. Akihito Gustavos - Fidel R. Quiambao

General Surgery

Tuesday and Thursday, 9-11am

(Strictly By Appointment)


Dr. Hannah A. Maclang - Soliman

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Tuesday, 9am-12pm

Friday, 1-4pm

(Strictly By Appointment)

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"The clinic exudes hospitality and is manned by very competent and courteous medical staff"

— TheClinicbyMBCI

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G/F Citystate Centre
709 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City

info@mbci.ph / theclinic@mbci.ph

8640-3581 and 0999-377-4982

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